Mobile Lifting Jacks
Designed to Customer's Specification...

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Portable/Mobile Lifting Jacks - Custom Designed

Kinkishayro Light Rail vehicle up in the air at the Seattle Transit Maintenance Facility.


Having a Portable Lifting jack system in the facility offers many advantages than compared with an underfloor lifting system.

1. Capacity ranges from 5 ton to 65 ton per column.
2. Electro mechanical screw jack hoisting system with ACME thread spindle, brass lifting and steel safety nuts.
3. Heavy structural welded and bolted frame.
4. Torsional rigid structure. Double "T" Columns.
5. HD Lifiting Carriage with fixed position load anvil or otional adjustable load anvil, Under load adjustable load anvil, and under load adjustable option.
6. Travel Gear Selection: on rails; on nylon wheel parallel to the track, alternatively perpendicular to the track.
7. Mobile Control Consol w/Siemens PLC, Touch Screen Controls. Multiple sets; Control Systems.
8. Engineered and made in USA.