Truck Test Stands
with various options...

Heavy Duty Truck Test Assembly Stands:

InterTran custom-engineered Truck Test Assembly Stands offer different usages per the customer requirements.

Our Test Stands are designed with the following characteristics:

1. Hydraulic Rams, 50,000lbs or as Required.
2. Platform on both sides for easy work flow.
3. Rails for Bogie to run on.
4. Wheel Stops.
5. Platform for Motor and Hydrualic Tank.
6. Leveling plates, Anchor Bolt Inserts required.




Truck Test Assembly System. (Presented below actual product at HRT)


Features Of Test Stands:

1. Raised Stand For access to Underside of Bogie.
2. Hydrualic Load Testing.
3. Mulitple testing options; Pulse, press, shim test, etc.
4. Option to add wheel rotator to stand.
5. Option to have a self loading crane attachment.
6. Can be fully deassembled and assembled.
7. Capacity: infinitely variable.
8. Platforms can be taken off.
9. Handheld pendant controler