2-65 "ton" TurnTable(s)
manual or electric operation...

Heavy Duty Turntables:

InterTran custom-engineered TurnTables offer different usages per the customer requirements.

Our Turntables are designed with the following characteristics:

1. Lifting Hooks for easy installation and transport.
2. Easy turn Rotek Bearing for smooth rotation, or other bearings as requried.
3. Access hatch for Maintenance.
4. Shop Floor (Turntable non-slip diamond surface)
5. Telescoping handle and Lock-in pocket.
6. Roller Bearing Wheel.
7. Raceway for Rollers, Smooth rotation without noise and vibration.
8. Outer Support ring.
9. Locking Pocket.
10. Flangeway - Designed to raise wheel 1/8" to provide smooth roll-over travel.




Heavy Duty Turntable Assembly. (Presented below some concept art)


Features of the Turntable:

1. Sizes: 5' Diameter - 12' Diameter or based on Bogie Length.
2. Manual or Electric operation.
3. Load Range: 2 ton - 150 ton.
4. Secure Locking at 90° increments.
5. Center Pin: Rotek Bearings or as required.
6. Underside roller bearing roller support under rails.
7. Zero wheel impact over rail crossing gap.
8. Access hatch for maintenance.
9. Handheld pendant controler if required.