Under/Above Floor Lifting Systems
Configurations for Mulitple Trains

Car Hoists and Hoist Systems:

InterTran custom-engineered hoist systems let you choose from a wide selection of synchronized mechanical screw lift components, gear ratios, controls and power options – as a result, all hoist systems are tailored to job-specific configuration and capacity specifications.

Our car hoists are designed for a variety of car types, from single units, married pairs and articulated cars, InterTran hoist systems support a broad range of lift height, weight and vehicle dimensions. InterTran even designs lifts to accommodate multiple vehicle types on the same lift systems. Installations are customized to each specific set of fleet, customer and installation requirements.




UnderFloor Lift Systems - Custom Designed for you

Shallow Pit Hoist System vehicle up in the air visualization. (presented below some concepts, not actual)


Type Of Car Hoist Systems:

1. Shallow Pit Hoists
2. Deep Car Hoists
3. C-Frame Car Hoists

(Basic FEA example)

Shallow Pit Hoists:

InterTran Corporation has competing "Top-Of-The-Line" special designed and engineered shallow pit car hoist installations, with a pit depth of only 48". This approach offers considerable savings on excavation, construction and installation compared to conventional deep pit design. This is especially true with facilities located in high-water areas since deep pit systems may require much more extensive drainage systems versus the shallow pit system. In addition, ongoing maintenance is simpler and less costly with the shallow pit design; the screws are housed in a caisson that is not filled with oil, but has automatic lubrication methods in place.

The shallow-pit design is also less susceptible to damage from workers’ tools or shop debris falling into a deep pit with exposed screws. In addition, it eliminates the need to perform maintenance in what OSHA defines as a “confined space”. Due to these various advantages, the vast majority of new systems being built by transit authorities are designed with a shallow-pit design. The "shallow pit" concept is available in conventional or C-frame configurations.


Deep Pit Hoists:

The original design for car hoist systems, the traditional deep pit or basement style installations allow unlimited access to all of the lift system components at any time. The main advantage of this deep pit design is that it is useful if storage space is needed in the basement area; the main disadvantage of this design is that it requires a substantially greater pit depth, typically in the range of 16 to 20 feet versus 3.5 feet for the shallow pit design.

C-Frame Hoists:

These special mechanical supports are available in a wide-clearance system that allows dismounted truck assemblies to be moved underneath elevated railcars to save space and reduce the number of truck turntables required. The system is complete with a second set of rails - one set to continuously support raised vehicles and the other at the shop floor level to support lowered trucks. One potential advantage of the C-Frame design is that it doesn't require the use of a truck turntable within the vehicle dimensions in order to remove the truck – this can allow a particular maintenance facility to have a narrower shop configuration.